Japan Photo Dump, Part 三 – Tokyo & Osaka

Howdy folks! Ethan here again with another exciting installment of E&E Take Too Many Photos Holy Crap (see link). And what a wild two weeks it was…

Our second time back in Tokyo. My mom visited. We ate Mexican food. I drank Israeli beer in Japan. Everything was hot and humid forever. Went to a ton of museums. Saw Mt. Fuji emerge from behind the clouds. Got to be temporary groupies to two American hip-hop artists. Worked at a crazy hostel in Osaka and sweat buckets. Saw a whale shark. Also I held a baby for the first time. All this was – naturally – interspersed with a ton of new friends, booze, tasty food, smiles, laughter, tears, and goodbyes.

Currently, we’re living on the island of Shikoku (lit. four provinces), Ehime Prefecture, in the town of Kumakougen. We basically live in a house straight out of The Shining on a the property of a nature resort inside a temperate rainforest and everything is wet forever. But – the work is easy, the food is free, and the mosquitoes are apparently on summer vacation. Pictures, naturally, to come in about a week and a half.

Until then!





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