I (Emily) have made it to Sunrise Land!

About 21 hours ago I boarded a flight from San Francisco to Vancouver, then another from Vancouver to Tokyo. Thankfully, Ethan met my jet-lagged body at the airport to ferry me home (shout out to Frank for letting us invade his apartment). Not too much to report, but a few brief thoughts before I succumb to fatigue:

  • Japan doesn’t seem to have too many regulations around the sale of alcohol – mini bottles of Skyy sat next to Asahi in the 7-11 refrigerator. What a country! I’ll have to research these rules more.
  • We’ve come across a few shiba inus, but no cats. Very disappointed.
  • During my flights today, I read the fantastic true crime book People Who Eat Darkness, by Richard Lloyd Parry. It tells the story of a young British woman who came to Tokyo to work in the year 2000, then suddenly disappeared. The reaction of her family and friends, the Japanese police, and the global public is fascinating, as well as the bizarre events in the trial of the man accused of her murder. Thanks to Isabel for the recommendation!

All for now. We’ll hopefully be posting pictures and more interesting updates soon!

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